Domain Names (or Domain Name Registration) can be bought and registered through me. I will register your domain and put it in your name, but I will still have administration rights over the domain - this is common practice and allows me to host the domain, host your website, and have any administrative rights such as hosting the actual website, creating e-mail addresses, having FTP access etc... and any other functions/services and support issues.

You can of course register domains yourself, and I suggest you do a search in a Search Engine such as Google for more information on how to do this. If you do register a domain yourself and not through me, you will need to change the DNS servers to point to mine, so I can have 'authority' over the domain and host it. I can explain what to do if you need help with this.

Costs of domains vary, so please contact me for prices, but they start at £10 pa inc. VAT. Please note that some domains may have to be registered for 2 years (for example - this is required by some registrars such as Nominet (the registrar for .uk domains).