I offer Hosting of websites (not designed by me).

The cost of Hosting a website is £52 per year (works out at £1 a week), payable each year in advance. Hosting of websites includes emails too, unless you wish to keep your email provider.

The Hosting package (i.e. websites not designed by me) includes:

Unlimited Webspace
Unlimited Bandwidth/Data Transfer
FTP Access 24/7
Password Protected Folders *
Webalizer & AWStats Graphical Statistics
Unlimited E-mail Addresses *
Junk Mail Filter *
Incoming Mail Server (POP3) and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Mailing/Distribution Lists
Unlimited Forwarders
Unlimited Autoresponders
Catch All E-mail Forwarding
eXtend Control Panel
PHP4, PHP5, Sun ASP, Perl, Python
MS FrontPage Extensions *
Flash Support
99.5% Guaranteed Uptime
30-day Money Back Guarantee
No Set Up Fees
Pay By Debit/Credit Card Through PayPal
£52.00 pa inc. VAT

* Available through the easy-to-use online Control Panel.

Please note that there are many more extras which I cannot list above, as the list would be too long.

Hosting Support

Please note that support will be limited to services provided by me, and I cannot offer any 3rd Party support for websites, add-ons, extras, or anything linked with your website not designed or implemented by me. I am also sorry that I will be able to offer only minimal support on matters where 3rd Party programs are use, such as e-mail settings in Outlook Express or configuring FTP software etc... Scripting problems (PHP, ASP, etc...), how to edit/upload/download websites, how to use programs such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver et al... will not be supported in any way.