I can offer Seach Engine Submission of your website.

Search Engine Submission can be achieved in 4 formats:

  • One-Off and/or Yearly (i.e. 1 submission) - £50 per year
  • Bi-Yearly - Every 6 months (i.e. 2 submissions) - £80 per year
  • Quarterly - Every 3 months (i.e. 4 submissions) - £100 per year
  • Monthly - Every month (i.e. 12 submissions) - £120 per year

Each submission has its own merit, so if you need to discuss with me the best way to 'publish' your site in the Search Engines, please do not hesitate to contact me through Contact Me -> Support Form if you are an existing customer, or Contact Me -> Enquiry Form if you are a new customer.


Search Engine Submission Hints And Tips - Important Information

If you are considering submitting to the Search Engines, please read the following information!

In general, submissions involve a few steps - these are:

  • Client decides on keywords/keyphrases
  • Client sends in keywords/keyphrases
  • Website is metatagged (keywords/keyphrases are added to the pages)
  • Website is reuploaded onto the net
  • Website is submitted to the Search Engines (which can take 8 to 12 weeks to appear)
  • Website is resubmitted according to the frequency indicated in the package bought

However, Search Engines are imposing more and more 'hoops' and 'criteria' (but they are not prepared to divulge this information to anyone), and I have found that:

  • Keywords/keyphrases chosen by the client should also feature in the website somewhere (i.e. if you are a carpet fitter, and if one your keywords/keyphrases is "carpet fitter" then you should have those words somewhere in your website). It is also preferable to repeat some of these words/phrases in your website.
  • The quality of the keywords/keyphrases is important - this include relevance to the site and its content.
  • The most important keywords should be placed right at the beginning of the list, and a handful repeated again in the "Title" and "Description" tags (see further down for more information).
  • It is better to have 20-30 high quality keywords than 100 keywords/keyphrases because you were told that the more the merrier. Some sites have less than 10 keywords/keyphrases, yet they have a high ranking.
  • Adding your site to other sites (preferably from high-ranking sites) will increase your ranking dramatically, as some Search Engines will deem you important as you have so many sites linking to yours. The fact that the BBC website saturates Google, because it has over 50,000 sites linking to it, proves that theory is indeed correct!
  • The "Title" of the pages of the website (this is the wording which appears in the top blue bar of say Internet Explorer when viewing a site) should have some of the major keywords/keyphrases in it. This "Title" will also appear in the Search Engine query results.
  • The "Description" of the site (i.e. the information which appears in the Search Engine query results) should be relevant to the site's content, and not just a list of keywords/keyphrases, random jargon, or something you have to fill in because you need to!

All the above is generally known as optimising a site, and I (in conjunction with clients) will make your site as optimised as possible, thus getting it ready to be accepted by the Search Engines, as well as increasing presence and ranking. However, once submitted to the Search Engines, it takes time to appear and even when websites appear it takes time for rankings to change - it does not happen overnight or "in a few days", contrary to what some companies are telling you. Some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies are reporting that indexing (being added to the Search Engines) is taking as long as 12 weeks, and rank changes taking 6 months to a year.

Once your website has been submitted, I have to make it clear that it is in the hands of the Search Engines, and there is unfortunately nothing I can do to speed up the process. Resubmitting again and again and again will only damage your indexing and/or ranking - Search Engines will see this as spamming and these days they penalise!

All the above may sound harsh, but I do not believe in leading you round the mulberry bush and telling you lies just to get a quick sale. Business relationships are built on trust and honesty - I have done just that with the above information.